I endorse Yamaha/Steinberg products and Seymour Duncan pickups





I use a variety of guitars depending on what needs to be done, but I can pretty much cover everything with my main ones:

Fender Stratocaster 57 reissue
Gibson Les Paul
Guild Acoustic
Martin Acoustic
Godin Multiac Grand Concert
Godin Multiac Grand Concert Ambience
Godin 5th Ave
Godin Multiac Steel
Richmond Belmont Bigsby
Danelectro baritone
Epiphone Mandolin
Turkish Oud
Takamine Nylon String
Candelas Santos Hernandez Replica Flamenco Guitar
Victor Manuel Diaz Flamenco Guitar

My home recording set up is based around Cubase which Irsquo;ve been using for years, Reason and Abelton Live. I also use Pro Tools and Logic if I,rsquo;m working in other studios.

I use a variety of different plug-ins and soft synths including Stylus RMX, Omnisphere, Trillian; East West Symphonic Orchestra Gold, Goliath, Symphonic Choirs, Pianos Gold, Ra, Voices of Passion, Storm Drum 2; Addictive Drums; Line6 POD Farm.

I also have great relationships with Line6, Godin Guitars and Candelas Guitars so please check out the links below: